Spermatophyta: Monocotyledonae

Liliaceae s.l. - Lilies

Description of the family

Mostly perennial herbs, but some woody or climbing, with bulbs, corms, rhizomes or tubers. Leaves alternate, whorled or all basal. Flowers usually in racemes or panicles, actinomorphic or slightly zygomorphic, bisexual. Perianth usually 3-merous, usually petaloid and in 2 whorls. Stamens in 2 whorls. Ovary superior; styles 1 or 3. Ovules usually numerous. Fruit a capsule or berry.

Worldwide: 288 genera and 4,950 species, cosmopolitan.

Allium ursinum

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Agapanthus L'Hér.
Allium L.Description, Image
Alstroemeria L.
Amaryllis L.
Anthericum L.
Asparagus L.
Asphodeline Rchb.
Asphodelus L.
Aspidistra Ker Gawl.
Bellevalia Lapeyr.
Camassia Lindl.
Chionodoxa Boiss.
Chlorophytum Ker Gawl.
Colchicum L.
Convallaria L.
Crinum L.
Cyrtanthus Aiton
Erythronium L.
Fritillaria L.
Gagea Salisb.
Galanthus L.
Hemerocallis L.
Hosta Tratt.
Hyacinthoides Heist. ex Fabr.
Hyacinthus L.
Kniphofia Moench
Leucojum L.
Lilium L.
Lloydia Salisb. ex Rchb.
Maianthemum Weber
Muscari Mill.
Narcissus L.
Narthecium Huds.
Nectaroscordum Lindl.
Nerine Herb.
Nothoscordum Kunth
Ornithogalum L.
Pancratium L.
Paris L.
Polygonatum Mill.
Puschkinia M.F. Adams
Reineckea Kunth
Ruscus L.
Scilla L.
Simethis Kunth
Smilacina Desf.
Smilax L.
Sternbergia Waldst. & Kit.
Tofieldia Huds.
Tristagma Poepp.
Tulbaghia L.
Tulipa L.
Veratrum L.

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