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Clapham, A.R., Tutin, T.G. & Moore, D.M. (1989) Flora of the British Isles. 3rd edition. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.

Description of the family

Herbs, rarely shrubs. Stipules 0. Leaves alternate, usually compound, occasionally simple. Flowers arranged in simple or more usually compound umbels, rarely whorled or capitate. In compound umbels, the scales at the base of the primary branches (rays) are called bracts while those at the base of the branches of the secondary (or partial) umbels (referred to as pedicels) are called bracteoles. Petals 5, usually white, but sometimes yellowish, greenish, pinkish or rarely blue. Stamens 5. Styles 2, usually divergent, usually with a well-developed stylopodium. Ovary inferior, 2-locular. Fruit dry, consisting of two indehiscent carpels separated by a commissure; carpels adnate or suspended from an axis (carpophore) usually separating when ripe, usually prominently 5- or 9-ribbed.

Worldwide: 446 genera and 3,540 species, cosmopolitan, but occurring particularly in northern temperate areas and on mountains in the tropics.

Britain: 68 genera and 162 taxa.

Myrrhis odorata

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Aegopodium L.
Aethusa L.
Agrocharis Hochst.
Ammi L.
Anethum L.
Angelica L.
Anthriscus Pers.
Apium L.
Astrantia L.
Berula Besser ex W.D.J. Koch
Bifora Hoffm.
Bowlesia Ruiz & Pav.
Bunium L.
Bupleurum L.
Cachrys L.
Capnophyllum Gaertn.
Carum L.
Caucalis L.
Chaerophyllum L.
Chaetosciadium Boiss.
Ciclospermum Lag.
Cicuta L.
Conium L.
Conopodium W.D.J. Koch
Coriandrum L.
Crithmum L.
Cuminum L.
Daucus L.
Echinophora L.
Eryngium L.
Falcaria Fabr.
Ferula L.
Foeniculum Mill.
Hacquetia Neck. ex DC.
Heracleum L.
Hydrocotyle L.
Laser Borkh.
Laserpitium L.
Levisticum Mill.
Ligusticum L.
Meum Mill.
Myrrhis Mill.Image
Myrrhoides Heist. ex Fabr.
Oenanthe L.
Orlaya Hoffm.
Osmorhiza Raf.
Pastinaca L.
Petroselinum Hill
Peucedanum L.
Physospermum Cusson ex Juss.
Pimpinella L.
Pseudorlaya (Murb.) Murb.
Ridolfia Moris
Sanicula L.Image
Scandix L.
Selinum L.
Seseli L.
Silaum Mill.
Sison L.
Sium L.
Smyrnium L.
Spermolepis Raf.
Tordylium L.
Torilis Adans.
Trachymene Rudge
Trachyspermum Link
Trinia Hoffm.
Turgenia L.

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