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This website is the very first stage of a site about the plants of Britain, based on a small number of species seen during a trip to England in June and July 2008 and with a few later additions. The website software has also been updated to 2018.

A sample image from the UK flora

Melampyrum pratense

This beautiful species, the Common Cow-wheat, was found in a pine forest in County Durham.

Further information

The site uses the software written for the Flora of Zimbabwe site, with in fact, very few modifications. Plants are organised in a simple hierarchy of family, genus and species, based on a checklist of British species downloaded from the BSBI website in 2008. Individual records of each species are included and may be displayed using Google maps. As of today, Tuesday, 16 July 2024, there are 196 species with records and we have images for 79 species.

The Site history page gives details of the latest work on the site. There is also a frequently asked questions page.

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As a guide to where to look for new content, below are details of some of the most recently updated pages. Further recently updated species may be found on this page.

18 Jul 2009 Trifolium dubium
2 Aug 2008 Linaria vulgaris
1 Aug 2008 Linaria purpurea
29 Jul 2008 Melampyrum pratense
26 Jul 2008 Melilotus albus
26 Jul 2008 Allium ursinum
26 Jul 2008 Acer platanoides
26 Jul 2008 Acer campestre
26 Jul 2008 Acer pseudoplatanus
1 Jul 2008 Centranthus ruber
I would welcome any comments or corrections and specifically any ways in which the manner of presentation might be improved.

Mark Hyde

Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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